How to make duplicate image in Macromedia Flash 8

I made this picture of Alex Turner holding Olympics logo quite a bit long. It takes several means to finish the edit. First I have to draw line on the edges of the image with lines tool, it’s a hard thing to do because this is a real image and requires a lot more line at the edges. I use only one tool for this image, which is the lines tool. Defining the line for Alex’s face is also a hard thing to do, because the face line merged with his hands and the Olympics logo line. It took almost 3 hours to finally make me satisfy with this project.

The frontman of Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner, was took part in the Olympics opening ceremony a couple months ago. This young, brilliant, and smart musician, along with the bands, finally got chance to show the rest of the world what their color on the music. Arctic Monkeys rock the stage in the Olympics opening ceremony by taking the heat on “Come Together” by The Beatles. It is in my own interest to make this image for my appreciation towards his wonderful songs and achievement.

your comment, critics, and suggestions will be most appreciated 🙂